Monday, January 08, 2007


Benefits of Green Tea

There's so much tea in the market, Green Tea, Black Tea & even Oolong Tea.
What's the difference anyway?
They undergo different processes!

Green Tea is first steamed before processing, hence the colour & flavour resembles that of raw tea leaves.

Black Tea's tea leaves get crushed & fermented thus resulting in the change in colour from green to brown. The tea leaves are then dried till they turn black & develop a rich flavour.

Oolong Tea follows the same process as black tea however because it is better controlled, the tea leaves' colour & flavour as you may notice is midway between green & black.

Now, what's so great about Green Tea ? Green tea contain Antioxidants.

Q: What's the function of Antioxidants ?

Antioxidants protect us from free radicals which are chemically unstable compounds that occur naturally in our bodies or are created through exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, radiation, traffic & atmospheric pollution. Free radicals causes damage to tissues, cells & genes resulting in the aging & development of cataract, cancer, stroke & heart diseases.

Antioxidants act like "fire extinguishers" that put out the hazards free radicals produce before they damage our cells & tissues.

Even though black tea too contain Antioxidants, the content of Antioxidants in green tea is higher! Green tea also helps to lower one's cholesterol level. The Japanese, renowned for drinking green tea, actually observe the lowest incidence of heart disease, stroke globally.

Incidentally, they also have a track record for longevity!

Established cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden did a research on green tea & realised that the antioxidants actually helped to slow down the development of wrinkles.

Where else can we find Antioxidants ?

Antioxidants can also be found in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron & copper.

Before you go, here's a toast to better health & more beautiful skin!

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