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- Natural Healing For The Body

Aromatherapy originated in Ancient Egypt. About a hundred years ago, a pharmacist from France used an innovative method which led to a breakthrough in aromatherapy techniques.

For centuries, people have experienced and have come to recognise that essential oils have many benefits. Essential oils can help to combat bacteria and other diseases, repel mosquitoes, prevent tooth decay, fight oxidisation, inflammation and even enhance the immune system, calm nerves, etc.

Back-to-Nature Aromatherapy

Back-to-nature is a new health initiative by people living in modern society. Aromatherapy, which stems from natural plants, has also became a favourite in modern day living. Ancient medical healers use essential oils to heal people’s bodies and aroma to soothe their spirits. As whiffs of fragrance drift through the ages of time, people living in modern society have even made use of the latest scientific research to develop the unlimited potential and precious deposits of essential oils, so as to improve the environment, enhance health and beautify the spirit.

Aromatherapy comes from the essence of natural flora and enters the human body though the air and the olfactory nerves. From there, it goes though the central nerves into our brains and, tapping on the characteristics of plant hormones, it is able to deliver beneficial effects to the body, such as the lungs, blood, emotional nerves, immune system and even aid in psychological aspects such as the alleviation or pacification of problems like depression.

Aromatherapy uses a simple natural method to kill bacteria and increase nutrients in the air that we breathe. At the same time, aromatherapy is able to allow the surrounding environment to create anions which are extremely good for the human body. Different plant fragrances will create different feelings and responses in our body. Aromatherapy uses the characteristics of plant essential oils to improve the health and balance between complexion, body, cognition and spirit, so as to achieve a state where the body, mind and spirit become one.

The Genie of Aroma – Plant Essential Oils

All plants will go though photosynthesis where the cells will secrete aromatic molecules. These molecules will assemble into aromatic pouches dispersed on the petals, leaves or branches. After extracting these aromatic pouches, we will get plant essential oils.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can be said to be the hormones of plants. They have the same building components and life energy as human beings. Essential oils are made from the amalgamation of different kind of molecules. These molecules exist together, in a beautiful proportion. As molecules are very fine and have a high penetration ability, they can effectively enter the body and not leave behind any toxins. According to research, pure plant essential oils will not be like chemical pharmaceuticals that remain in the body. They will utilise the body’s excretory system such as urine, perspiration and respiration to purge themselves out of the body. If the usage is correct, natural essential oils will have no side effects.

The natural aroma of plant essential oils, after entering into the brain via the olfactory nerves, is able to stimulate the frontal brain to secrete certain hormones, so as to engender a most comfortable state of mind. This is the best way to beautify the spirit. One is also able to group different essential oils together to blend an aroma to one’s liking. This will not damage the characteristics of essential oils and will even empower their functions.

The basic characteristics of essential oils can prevent contagious diseases and fight bacteria, pathogens and moulds. They can also prevent inflammation and convulsion as well as enhance cellular metabolism and regenerating abilities, making life even better. These essential oils can also regulate the inner secretion organs, enhancing the secretion of hormones and enabling the physiological and psychological activities of the body to develop well. Essential oils can even relax the nerves, enhance blood circulation, reduce depression, uplifts one's mood and enable cognition and psychology to reach a harmonious state.

Enjoy a “Forest Bath” at Home with Phytoncidere

The word phyton comes from a Latin word which means a kind of plant, while the word cidere means “to kill”. Russian biologist, Professor Dunkinn, discovered that certain plants emit a substance known as "phytoncidere” when damaged. Phytoncidere, present in all plants, kill other living things in their surroundings. If living organisms such as amoeba of flu, cholera or diphtheria germs are placed near to freshly chopped leaves, the germs will be killed after a few minutes. Hence, it is apparent that plants have a self-immunity function which eliminate bacteria and fungi.

The Functions of Phytoncidere:

1. Eliminates bacteria.
2. Purifies air of pollutants to ensure smoother breathing for greater vitality.
3. Enters the body via the nasal passage to fight diseases and maintain physical and mental balance.

Scientific Research of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a method that premises on the absorption of active materials to heal, alleviate and prevent various diseases and contagion. It can activate vigorous elements in the body to fight all pathogen elements, achieving the effect of healing and boosting of the immune system.

Aroma psychology that arises out of “Aroma Healing Studies” is a branch of science that specifically examines the psychological state and inner responses that occur when one inhales perfume. It uses experiments and the results of various measuring instruments to prove the effects of aromatherapy. It is able to present the research results in a quantitative manner and enable aromatherapy to go the way of science.

Vitamin in The Air – Anion

Dr. Jacob, a biological science lecturer at the Public Health School at Harvard University, describes anion as “vitamin in the air”. Cation can cause headache, discomfort and increased blood pressure, whereas anion can decease blood pressure. Experiment also shows that if a patient with high blood pressure inhales anion, his/her blood pressure will decrease and so will his/her pulse rate.

Effects of Anion:

1. Respiratory system: anions can enhance the fine hair activities in the nasal sticky membrane, windpipe and bronchus sticky membrane; elevate the expansion of smooth muscles; help in the elimination of phlegmatic liquids; soothe the sensitive reactions of the respiratory system and is especially helpful to nose sensitivity.

2. Blood circulation system: lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, reduces the precipitation speed of red blood cells, lengthens the time for blood to coagulate and aids in the smooth circulation of blood.

3. Immune System: activates the function of the dermis system, elevates protein contents in the blood cells, hence increasing the ability to fight diseases.

4. Controls bacteria in the air and reduces diseases related to the respiratory organs.

5. Adjusts and regulates the active response functions of the nervous system, hence soothing feelings of anxiety and unease.

How Essential Oils Are Absorbed by the Human Body

Essential oils are absorbed by the body through two channels, the skin and the lungs. The skin is originally endowed with the functions of absorption and excretion. Essential oil molecules are very tiny and are able to penetrate into the skin and in between the lymph and cells, then spread to the blood in other parts of the body. The absorption method takes place via the pulmonary alveoli in the lungs, enters the surrounding capillary bloodstream and is able to release refined plant hormones into the air through aromatherapy, allowing quick asborption by the body and achieving therapeutic benefits.

When the lungs absorb phytoncidere nutrients, it is not only healthy for the lungs, it will also forge a healthy connection between the lungs and the heart, as well as the heart and the blood vessels. So, after the lungs absorb this large amount of nutrients, it will send these nutrients to the heart, and the heart will then send these nutrients to the blood vessels, which will then send the nutrients to every cell in the human body!

Traditional aromatherapy uses the method of heating to allow essential oils to diffuse beneficial nutrients into the human body. To explore possibilities in healthcare and health science, the first step is to be acquainted with the functions of healthcare. This involves the complementation of “bio-tech aroma-vapourisation” products by research and development efforts. Usage of aroma-vapourisation is the first step for aromatherapy to enter the domain of health science. Via this method, you do not need to place essential oil into alcohol but can directly drip a few drops onto the aroma-vapourisation base for the essential oil to diffuse. The effects will be even better. This world-patented product (such as the one owned by
Bel’Air) holds great significance for the medical world.

Functions of Aromatherapy - Health and Longevity

1. Clean and Fresh Air

Bacterial allergens and other pollutants constantly lurking in the air would mean that we are subjected to a long-term disease-causing environment, without any protection. Aromatherapy can help eliminate the harm from such floating debris, effectively preventing onsets of airborne ailments such as allergies, rhinitis, asthma and cold, thus giving you air that is at once clean and fresh.

2. A Nutrients-Filled Atmosphere

Aromatherapy can produce plant essences and anions. These essences have anti-bacterial properties, purifying the air and reducing the pollution. They work to engender smooth and easy breathing and a heightened sense of alertness, vitality and freshness. With each inhalation of air into the body, comes the aid that would at once enable you to dispel the common ailments of modern times and to achieve a balance between body and mind. A Professor of the Physiology Department at the Harvard University School of Public Health described anions that are found in the air as “air vitamins”. The more the anions there are, the greater the health benefits to a person's mind and body. With aromatherapy, more nutrients are added into the air around you, enabling you to enjoy the refreshing benefits of a “bath in the forest” every day.

3. “Back to Nature” Therapy

All lives have the innate ability to maintain their intrinsic balance. When this balance has at any time been upset, it would seek to be restored on its own. Aromatherapy stimulates the human body by harnessing respective plant energies in the form of their essences to help the body maintain the state of energy balance. This may be described as a “Back to Nature” therapy.

4. Management of Physical Circulatory Functions

Plant essential oils can act on the brain’s sympathetic nerves (main nerve) and have direct effect on the lymphatic system, increasing the energy in the lymphatic system, helping in the body’s management of toxins and enhancing regulation of blood flow. At the same time, it can the increase the vitality level of the lungs, leading to substantial increase of oxygen in the blood, enlivening and causing cell regeneration and strengthening immunity functions.

5. Management of Home Environment

Essential oils can be used to get rid of mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, insects and so on, prevent onset of diseases by contagion and remove odor and second-hand smoke, thus giving you a clean, comfortable and healthy air environment.

6. EQ Management

The arch enemy of our EQ management is stress. When emotions run riot, the health of our body and mind would be affected. The natural fragrance from plant essential oils can calm nerves and help you to relieve stress. You can then be completely relaxed, with a well-managed EQ, and the feedback to the inner physique can help to prevent the development of mental ailments with emotional causes. The soothing fragrance can also help to relax and induce sleep.

7. Preventive Healthcare

With continuously develops new products that carry more healthcare benefits. In this way, aromatherapy products are not only endowed with the functions of air purification, germs elimination and mood management, they also deliver great benefits in terms of elevating the body immunity system and can improve various bodily ailments, thus achieving the medical function of preventive healthcare.

8. Cultivating the Lifestyle of Enjoyment

Aromatherapy fills your life with a romantic ambience. The incomparable appeal and elegance of artistically crafted aromatherapy diffuser lamps are the result of a perfect integration that combines modern technology and timeless artistry. This serves to render your life at once healthier and more enjoyable.

Uses and Applications of Aromatherapy At A Glance

1. Improvement of environmental hygiene, neutralisation of odor, dissipation of second-hand smoke and air purification.
2. Enhancement of Immunity.
3. Enhancement of lung vitality.
4. Improvement of respiratory functions, reduction of nasal allergic conditions and alleviation of breathing problems.
5. Insect repellent and anti-bacterial action.
6. An aid for stabilisation of hormonal levels, enhancement of cellular vitality and anti-aging.
7. Invigoration of state of health and alertness, improvement of memory.
8. Induction of calmness, a state of relaxation, sleep, relief of headaches and sense of well-being.

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